A MATLAB code for solving Fresnel’s equation

As you may know, Fresnel’s equation is widely used to calculate the relative intensities of reflected and refracted waves based on incident wave at an interface. To solve the Fresnel’s equation for a multilayer system one can use a method called matrix transformation. Matrix transformation is a common practical method for calculating the reflectance and transmittance of multilayer thin films. Today I wrote a code in MATLAB to solve the Fresnel’s equation based on matrix transformation. I uploaded the code with three dummy example files. You can find the code description once you open it. Please keep in mind this is just a core code and you can modify it a lot and I appreciate if you email us your code after modification. We will uploaded the modified code here for other people usage and also we include your name as one of the developer. So far following people developed the code:

  1. Babak Mozooni
  2. Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati

Download link= fresnel_solver



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