Science in the last week (week 36-2015)

Here you can read the five great news or discoveries from the last week.


Schematic of phagraphene structure. Credit: Artyom Oganov

  • The prediction of existence of new two dimensional carbon structure which is named as phagraphene. In phagraphene the electron velocity is a directional property and therefore has a high potential to be used in flexible electronic devices. To read the full story check Moscow institute of physics and technology page.
  • Artificial control of electronic phase separation is a performed research that shows some materials can be separated into different regions by a process called electronic phase separation. The method seems to be a powerful technique for manipulating of materials and creating new properties. To read more about this research you can check the following link: New Material Science Research May Advance Tech Tools.
  • A group of researcher in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona built a magnetic wormhole which can transfers the magnetic field between two points in space through a magnetically undetectable path. The magnetic wormhole can be used for medical application specially in MRIs. To read more about this outstanding research and device please check: Scientific Reports.
  • Rice University researchers developed a new plasmonic photoelectrode architecture to harvest solar energy and convert it into clean energy by splitting water molecules. See more at: Rice University News & Media.
  • Last but not the least is the multi-million pound grant that University of Southampton received to use nanotechnology for safety improvement. This specially can be interesting for those people who are looking for an academic position in the area of nanotechnology. To read the complete news please check: University of Southampton.

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