Science in the last week (week 37-2015)

Here is the top five materials science and nanotechnology related news from last week.


Schematic of Multiferroic Sandwich. Credits: James Rondinelli

  • In a joint project performed by SISSA and Northwestern University a theoretical model for developing a material (Multiferroic Sandwich) which shows both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties is proposed. However there already exist ferroelectric-ferromagnetic heterostructure films but still this new work can be an interesting model specially in sensor technology. To read the press release of this research check: SISSA webpage.
  • Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed solar cells that can track the sun. Their work is inspired from Japanese kirigami (art of paper cutting). In this type of solar cells the array of solar cells can tilt and keeping their surfaces more perpendicular to the sun’s rays and therefore increase the energy absorption. To read more see: University of Michigan.
  • Next is an industry related news for those who like this sector. Transparency Market Research (TMR) has announced magnetic materials market Grow at 8.9% (Compound Annual Growth Rate) due to automotive, electronics, energy generation and other applications. See the complete news here: Link.
  • Researcher at MIT developed a new family of luminescent materials that can be used in chemical and biological detectors. The advantage of these new luminescent materials is that they emit light in precisely controlled colors. To read more about this research check the following link: MIT News.
  • Last news is about the bioplastic healed by water. A team of researchers at Penn State University shows that a drop of water self-heals a multiphase polymer derived from the genetic code of squid ring teeth, which has this potential to extend the life of medical implants, fiber-optic cables or any other hard to repair in place objects. See more at: Penn State News.

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