Postdoc and PhD salary in Switzerland

Postdoc and PhD students In Switzerland similar to Germany, Denmark, England and Sweden, are mainly employed by the host institution (through national or international funds) or received scholarship. In analogy with many european countries, stipend or scholarship holders (instead of employment) are exempted from taxing.

For the employed postdoc and PhDs, the salary depends on the type of the contract (50, 60, 80 or 100%), years of experience, marital status and number of dependent children.
The salary in Switzerland is almost the highest in the world. However one should also consider that the cost of living is very high.
For clarity, I provide you some examples to get better idea of payment system in Switzerland.
If you are employed with level of employment of 100% as a PhD student (research assistant position) at ETHZ, your gross monthly salary is 3920 CHF. From that you have to pay around 15% for tax, insurance and pension and hence your net salary would be 3326 CHF.
If you are 30 years old, married and employed as a postdoc (level of employment 100%), your monthly gross salary can be as large as 8990 CHF. After taxation and other mentioned deduction, your net salary would be 7336CHF. For the same condition but if you are single, your net salary would be 7048 CHF.
Please note that the amount of taxing varies based on the city wherein you reside. Just as another example, if you live in Zürich, you will receive more net salary than a person with the same condition who lives in Basel.
To calculate tax that one should pay in different Swiss cities, see the following link:
Tax calculator

To know (and estimate) the details of money that you should pay in addition to tax, you can consult the following link:
salary calculator



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