Postdoc and PhD salary in Sweden

Sweden is one of target countries to which many students apply to pursue their graduate studies. The salary of researchers (PhD and Postdoc) in Sweden is comparable to that in Germany, England and Denmark but much less than that in Switzerland. In principle, the starting salary of PhD in Sweden is 22600 Swedish krone (SEK) per month (17990 SEK after tax) and can reach up to 26800 SEK (21075 SEK after tax) provided that you are fully employed (anställning). Taxing differs depends on the city where you live. For instance taxing in Uppsala is higher than in Stockholm. For calculation of taxing in Sweden, please consult the following link.
However there is another type of employment which is known as “utbildningsbidrag”. In this case, the fund recipient gross salary per month is a fixed sum of 15500 SEK which corresponds to almost 12000 SEK net per month. Despite of the first case (full employment) in which the student will benefit social support from the government such as parental leave salary, sickness leave payment and pension, the person which is employed as “utbildningsbidrag” do not receive any of the mentioned supports.
Postdoc salary in Sweden is not a fixed value and it is negotiable. It can range from 30000 (23000 SEK net) to 35000 SEK gross per month (26000 SEK net per month).
The other possible sort of funding is the scholarship that can be only granted under certain condition. In general, there should be an agreement between the host university and scholarship providers and the total sum of the stipend (scholarship) should be comparable to the net salary of an employed person.

Some more detailed information on salary of researchers in Sweden can be found in the following link.



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