Postdoc and PhD salary in Denmark

Denmark is the home of very prestigious universities such a University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) amongst others. Thanks to the strong economy of the country, the funding and budgets of research and education institutes and universities are very high. Therefore, there is very likely to find a fixed term position in danish universities at any time of the year (see Academic Career for the latest vacancies).
Similar to many other European countries (Germany, Switzerland, England and Sweden), PhD students and postdocs are generally employed by the host institution in fixed term contract. The typical gross salary of PhD students start from 25555 Danish Krone (DKK) which grows up to 30862 DKK after four years of experience. By considering the”Pension”, the gross salary is even higher and start from 29085 DKK to 35164 DKK. You should pay 28 to 40% tax depending on many factors. For instance, if you are single and has no children, your income tax is around 38%. But a married person with two children tax is around 28%. It means a net monthly salary of a fresh PhD student ranges from around 18000 DKK. However, if you are going to stay no longer than 3 years in Denmark, you will pay fix flat rate tax of 25%.
The postdocs apparently earn more than PhD students and their gross salary starts from 34000 DKK from which you take around 24000 DKK home. For more details consult the following external sources:
The current salary scale of DTU for PhD is listed under following link: PhD salary in DTU.
In the following link provide by Danish Association of Masters and PhDs DM), you can find the tabulated details of PhD salaries but in Danish: Salary of PhD in Denmark.
You could also find useful information on salary of researchers ( PhD, Postdoc, Assistant, Associate and Full Professor in Denmark) in the information sheet provided by EU: Salary of researchers in Denmark.



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  1. Thank you so much for this useful info !


  2. Thank you. You are absolutely right. I am currently a PhD at aarhus university and getting around 20000 dkk as gross salary included pension. I was just such kind of information when I was in India and got this offer. I must say it is informative.


    • Hi,
      What about spouse and child financial support while doing phd in DTU. I did not find any info on that. It would be great if you could send me some info on that.



      • There is a child benefit which will be paid by government and does not have anything to do with job. If your wife is not working, you could benefit from some tax reduction.
        Hope it helps!


    • Hi
      I am a Ph.D in life sciences from India. Trying for a PostDoc in Aarhus. Could you provide any references? My work experience as a lecturer and researcher is about 8 years. My husband works in UAE in the IT related accounts sector with 8 years of experience. how long does it take to immigrate to Denmark? If we apply for jobs or postdoc do they consider such applications before immigration?



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