Postdoc and PhD salary in England (UK)

England is known for its old and prestigious universities, in particular University of Oxford and Cambridge. The British universities attracts each year thousands of students from the world. However, there is no very clear information on salary system for PhD and Postdoc researchers ( also known as research assistant and associate, respectively) in UK. In this post, I tried to summarized the details of salary of researchers in British universities. Please note that there are some differences between payment in UK in comparison to Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.
For PhD students (research assistant) the annual gross salary start from 24000£ and can reach up to almost 29000£. By considering the tax, you can take home from 19500£ per annum (1600£ per month) up to 22800£ (1900£ per month). The difference of the gross and net salary is the income tax (10%) and national insurance (9%).
In postdoctoral level (research associate), the yearly gross salary ranges from 29000£ to 37000£. The net income would be 22800£ (1900£ per month) up to 28200£ (2350£ per month).
For those who work in London, there is an allowance known as “London weighting”. This allowance can be up to 2500£ per year. In general, the salaries in expensive cities are slightly higher to compensate the extra cost of living.

You can find the selected list of PhD and Postdoc positions in some high ranked British universities in the job portal of Techomat.

In the following link you can calculate your net salary in UK: Link



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