• What is TECHOMAT?

TECHOMAT is an online interface wherein all subjects related to materials science and engineering (scientific and technological) are presented but in simple words. TECHOMAT is aiming not only to provide information for expert but also can be followed by non-expert readers who are interested to learn more about materials science and technology. TECHOMAT will provide consulting to start-up companies and materials technology industry as well manage and organize workshop and seminars for industry and academy.

  •  Which kind of services TECHOMAT provide?

Besides providing information regarding the basic and advance subjects of materials science and technology, TECHOMAT will interview with the successful scientist and entrepreneur of this field. So, recent university graduates can learn from the experiences of the seniors of the field of materials science (both from academia as well as industry).

  •  Is it possible to contribute to TECHOMAT?

TECHOMAT is currently publish the essays from junior and seniors of the field which are selected by the editorial boards of TECHOMAT. However, TECHOMAT welcome to contribution from the interested individuals provided that it align with the style, quality and aim of the TECHOMAT. Interested researchers can contact the editorial boards under: info[at]techomat.com.


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