Icephobic coating: it is a coating (solid or liquid) that can repel or prevent the formation of ice over the surface on which it applied or reduce the speed of freezing on the surface.


Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM): MRAM is the idea of the storing data bits as the relative orientation of magnetization of two magnetic layers which are separated by a non-magnetic insulating layer.

Metamaterial perfect absorber (MPA): A man made (synthetic) structure that can totally absorb the electromagnetic waves. Depending on the wavelengths that it absorbs, it will be named as UV, optical, Infrared, Radio frequency MPAs.


Non-destructive testing (NDT): The group of inspection methods that can detect possible defects in materials, tools and structures without causing any damage to them.

Optical lithography (photolithography): It is the process for transferring micro to nano meter geometrical pattern to a thin film substrate by using a mask and a chemical solution called photo resist.

Photoswitchable materials: A class of materials whose properties can be changed, triggered or controlled by optical (photon) illuminations. The mostly known example is dye molecules.

photoswitchable molecules

Plasmonics: It is a field of research in which the light matter interaction in materials with free electrons such as noble metals and highly doped semiconductors are studies (see also plasmonic color).

plasmonicsRacetrack memory: racetrack is an upcoming type of nonvolatile data storage devices which is consisted of series of ferromagnetic nanowires with specific number of magnetic domains (data bits) in each wire.

Spintronics: compare to electronics which is the science of studying moving electrons, spintronics is the idea of using spins of electrons instead of electrons themselves; for the purpose of energy/data transferring.


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